Cumulus Inc – 08 Dec 2017

My visit to Cumulus Inc this year was short and sweet, and luckily, I’ve posted about this place before for reference, because there’s one dish that made such an impact the first time I visited, that I keep coming back. This time’s no different – the fish here is fantastic. This will mainly be just a quick post of food that I ate this time since my opinion on this place hasn’t changed.

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Cumulus Inc – 07 December 2013

I’ve been wanting to go to Cumulus Inc ever since my first trip to Melbourne, but didn’t get the chance until the end of 2013. I should have gone much earlier! It’s a delightful little place and I love the cloud theme and how it extends to the branding on their glasses. It’s also a very single-diner friendly restaurant and it’s open for breakfast all through to dinner!

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