Cumulus Inc – 07 December 2013

I’ve been wanting to go to Cumulus Inc ever since my first trip to Melbourne, but didn’t get the chance until the end of 2013. I should have gone much earlier! It’s a delightful little place and I love the cloud theme and how it extends to the branding on their glasses. It’s also a very single-diner friendly restaurant and it’s open for breakfast all through to dinner!

The complementary bread – seeded and a cute little white loaf.  We were seated at the counter, which was great (they’re also walk-in friendly – they tick all my boxes for accessibility!)  because we could see the chefs at work and marvel at the plates on the pass.

There was a gorgeous looking raw tuna dish on the menu, but for once, I didn’t particularly feel like choosing it due to the other temptations on the menu. The mussels in tomato chilli sauce with aioli was definitely the better choice! These were so flavoursome, the mussels perfectly cooked and tender, and a lovely burst of garlic through the aioli made this a fantastic entree. Our view allowed us to observe the chefs pop these molluscs in their oven for 8 minutes (I think) before taking them out and being ready to serve.

Scallop in either a cucumber or pea soup, with some lovely and delicate little flowers. A hard dish to take a good picture of, but tastes as good as it looks.

Foie gras parfait with little cute triangles of toasted brioche, accompanied with juicy sultanas. I love parfaits because they are so light, and this had a great flavour that I could load it onto the toast. Delicious!

I believe this was the jamon iberico, though I can no longer remember. One can never go wrong with cured meat!

This and the mussels were the highlights of the meal. This was their fish special – a flathead with a pickle of sorts. The fish was perfectly cooked, with flesh falling off the bone. My brother and I were very impressed!

Ah, the rum baba makes another appearance, and another bottle of rum! I remember having an opinion as to which I preferred more, the Momofuku one or this one, and I believe it would have been the Momofuku one – due to presentation, but also the yeast cakes of the two were very different. One was definitely heavier and drier, and the Momofuku one had cream while this didn’t. It’s a very fun dish to order nonetheless.

Mango and coconut parfait – a lovely flavour combination. I don’t remember too much about this dessert too, so must have been enjoyable.

I would go to Cumulus Inc again and again, for their breakfast, their lunch, and to sample through their charcuterie menu. Their side of new potatoes and confit garlic is also a must have – those little morsels of soft, creamy and sweet garlic cloves are amazing! Cumulus Up, their wine bar, also has a slightly different and smaller menu that included beef tartare. The servings of wine come in a 100mL option in addition to the standard 150mL variety, which is great for tasting different wines.

This is one of the best casual dining places in Melbourne!