Firedoor (2) – 10 October 2019

Most of the restaurants I go to leave a big impression on me. Each restaurant generally has one or two dishes that leave a huge impression on me. And then there’s a dish that changes the way you think about something forever. Those come by only every few restaurants, and one of them is the Firedoor steak.

It was the thought of that steak that made me book Firedoor again, even though this time I would be dining alone and wouldn’t actually be able to order the steak. But I also think this place made headlines after I visited because they had a goldfish to accompany solo diners at one point? I could be wrong on that. Either way, I was eager to come back.

Bingo! I got the fireside table! Yeah! Perfect for the obligatory fire shot to begin with!

A mocktail to start. I like that restaurants are starting to feature interesting non alcoholic drinks! This one I think was beetroot based, and the foam on top is made using aquafaba. Nice stuff!

Oh. Oh yeah. Marron was on the menu. I mean I should be sensible buuuuut LOOK HOW CUTE THIS LITTLE GUY IS! How could I not eat it??? So I decided to go for it. What an absolute cutie.

Ok, so this visit was actually very special for me. Since it was early and quiet, and I was fireside, Lennox himself introduced himself to me! How awesome!!! He asked me if it was my first time and I said that I was a returning customer.

As a result, he gave me this kangaroo dish as a complementary starter as a way of saying thank you. That’s so nice! Already this makes me feel like coming back again for a third visit in the future! I think that small gestures like this are really nice. I really don’t expect it at all, especially as it was only my second visit and years after my first, it wasn’t even like I was a regular or anything!

I chose a light dish to start off with. I can’t remember exactly but I believe this was albacore tuna with kohl rabi, persimmon maybe? And you can see it also has tendrils of seaweed! I liked the combination of flavours and textures in this dish! So interesting!

Ah, look at that fire go! It was hard to get a good shot that includes the little sparks flying off to the side. It was interesting to see how the kitchen worked, since the height of the grill was adjustable so you could bring it down closer to the coals or further away. It was also interesting to see how long each item stayed on the grill too – it was actually longer than I thought! I think that’s the beauty of cooking with an open fire, it looks spectacular but the flames seem to be cooler than a gas stovetop, so the way food cooks is different too!

My lovely marron was ready now! Isn’t it so cute? Tiny limes with ice plant leaves! I liked this version better than the original I reckon!

Also, DUCK HEARTS! Yeah! I’m eating so many hearts this trip! I had the chicken hearts at Chaco Bar and now duck hearts here! I’m pretty sure duck hearts featured a few years back and I really really wanted them, and finally they were back on the menu, so I was very excited about this! And so tender too. Man, if only I was brave enough to cook hearts myself… maybe one day, but I’d want the super good stuff rather than the 500g packs you get at the supermarkets.

For all the greatness of meat and fire, Firedoor is actually a vegetable heavy restaurant. Vegetables taste just as good with a lick of flames, and this seasonal dish of asparagus and peas with hazelnuts was too good to pass up! Yeah! It’s always worth getting the seasonal vegetables, you don’t get fresher than this!

And remember to always leave room for dessert. They’d been advertising a bombe alaska for a while and I was so worried that it was only on the chefs menu or otherwise inaccessible, but no, it was on the a la carte menu too! Yeah!

I prepped my camera in advance since I was anticipating some amazing shots. Look at that brandy or similar go! Yeah! I love those flames! There’s fireside, then there’s fiery food at your table! It wasn’t just a pretty show. That was a solid, delicious bombe. I think there was raspberry ice cream inside? Oh man so good. I love the chefs here, they have such a great sense of humour too! After I’d finished, the dessert chef came over to collect my plate and teased me! He said it mustn’t have been that good because there was a tiny melted puddle that I couldn’t quite scrape! So I said I could lick the plate to make it all better hahahaha. Friendly staff are the best!

I don’t know what it was about this trip but everything was just so much better than my first visit of many restaurants! Firedoor is such a lovely place, I want to come back again and again! I was also so blown away by how friendly the chefs were, and tipped a lot more than normal, especially as I was given an extra dish! It’s always important to tip restaurants if you can, even if you’re not obligated to. I started doing it at restaurants in Australia where I didn’t plan on going back, as a small gesture to help them keep going since restaurant margins are tiny. Hopefully every bit helps and will help your favourite restaurant stay open for a little longer!