Poly – 2 October 2019

Oh, I only have 4 photos for Poly? Oh dear. I should go back and take more…

I visited this place during my Sydney trip last year; it was a restaurant that seemed very interesting and had tasty food, so I had to go.

They even had a non alcoholic wine!! What a dream come true!! It was very tasty! This was a kakadu wine that wasn’t overly sweet, had a good acidity and a lovely coconut aroma. It reminded me a lot of my EMP visit, and did very well as a non alcoholic drink!

Ooooh yeah look at this gilda!!! Woah!!! This was absolutely fantastic!! I love olives, peppers, anchovies and quail egg. The biggest surprise for me was that the egg was gooey in the middle. I mean, it should have been obvious but I’ve not been to a place that has done a soft boiled quail egg before so I was really impressed! Yes I want more of this!

There were some interesting things on the menu like a beef dish that seemed small ($20?) but the waitstaff said I shouldn’t order it as a solo diner because the flavours were too big? What? Lol I am not exactly sure what this means but I trust waitstaff. This crudites caught my eye so I ordered it and man those veges tasted so good! Forking out money for vegetables seems really weird but these were actually next level and taste better than the ones I buy….

And lo and behold, the scarlet prawn. yeah. That is one MASSIVE prawn. It was as big as a marron!! Oh man I was so excited and it tasted so good!!! It even came with a slice of bread to absorb the brain juice and sauce it was sooo good. I really need more scarlet prawns in my life!!

I did order a dessert too but it was super dark and the lighting wasn’t good so I didn’t get a decent photo of it. It was a creamy pudding of some sort, really tasty but I remember it being a tad heavy, oh well!

Poly definitely has some super crazy tasty stuff. They keep posting about delicious morsels like anchovies on toast, lardo, all these other things, and they even had a pea and seaweed dish that sounded amazing!! And if you stay at the Paramount Hotel, these guys are the one that do the room service snacks so you’re definitely in good hands!