Saint Peter (2) – 25 January 2018

At last, my first dinner visit to Saint Peter. I really really loved the brunch that I had, so I was eager to have some of the other seafood delights only available on the night menu.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of the menu, which means much of the detail – especially the fish type and where it comes from – has been lost to time. Oh well, I still have pretty pictures and descriptions of the food!

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Lulu La Delizia (2) – 28 September 2018

Sometimes restaurant cravings are really annoying. I mean, I love going back, but they cost a lot! And they tend to take a bit of planning, reservations wise. I’ve been wanting to revisit Lulu la Delizia since my first visit there made such a good impression, but I never quite felt it was the right time. However, I’ve been craving Lulu for a month now, so I decided, not 4 hours beforehand, that I’d book a table for myself. I was surprised that there were tables available at such short notice, but it was because the only timeslots available were before 5:30PM, or after 9PM. So, early dinner it was! Lulu La Delizia take 2, here we come!

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