Momofuku Ko (bar) – 20 April 2019

Originally I wasn’t going to write about Momofuku Ko since I only went the bar as a last minute decision, but considering how big a name the actual Ko restaurant is, I figured, hey, I may as well post about it!

The menus are handwritten! Wow!!! I’d actually read about this ahead of time since I had to see if walk ins were okay and what kind of food they had, but seeing it in real life is pretty cool! I was a bit sad that the uni addons were crossed out for today though.

Took a few photos of the chefs. Action shots are difficult to take but this was fun to do!

First up, I had the sea bass with pickles. The sea bass is quite a nice fish, and those were Japanese style pickles. By that I mean that they were the salty kind, though they had the vinegared ones too. How interesting!

Teehee, lots of pictures of some cute fried prawns! What amazing tiger prawns. Heads deep fried, bodies sashimi’d, what more can I ask for? Plus look at those eyes! This was an excellent dish, I loved eating the prawn heads, and that sashimi was really nice, super sweet flesh, and it was also topped with dashi that was super addictive!

Ooo the buns!

Fried chicken! Well actually, it’s cold fried chicken. Taken straight out of the fridge. It does seem a little odd to not serve a hot version, but it’s David’s Chang idea so why not! There was actually still some crispness to the chicken which was good, meaning it’s not a completely soggified fridge chicken. The sweet glaze on it was also nice! However, the refrigerated version loses the hot juices that usually come out after a bite and that makes all the difference, so I missed that a lot as I bit into the drumstick. Undecided as to whether or not I like this, but the skin texture was something I actually appreciated!

More chef action, on pithivers and prawns!

And here it is, the David Chang version of the hamburger. Pattie and hot dog bun, with added foie gras. No leaves, no cheese, nothing else. And it was GOOD. Look that the inside of that pattie! The beef was full of flavour, it reminded me of why I love Burger Project and the David Blackmore full blood wagyu burger so much – it’s the beef that makes the burger. The foie was also pretty tasty and added so much fatty goodness to this! So even if David Chang doesn’t like Aussie burgers, I like both his and Aussie burgers!

I decided not to get dessert because it looked massive when I saw another table order it. Sure it was Japanese cheesecake with maple syrup, but I just felt like it would have been a bit too much, plus, if I wanted some, I could always try and find some in Japan itself later on.

The other thing I didn’t get a picture of was the fact that these guys use Zalto glasses. Oh yeah. I actually wanted to order a drink just to handle one of those glasses again, but I also needed to be sensible! So no glass for me. Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll come back to the main restaurant just so I can order a fancy glass of wine to go along with the food!

Lastly, these guys have a Japanese toilet! Seems weird to point out but when you walk in and the toilet seat cover automatically opens and you’re not used to it! It was like, woosh! It also flushed the non-American way too! The things I notice!

The bar was a cool place to be, and it was great that service was included so I didn’t quite get bill shock at the end. Would love to come back and experience the restaurant!