Waku Ghin – 28 Mar 2017

Finally. Just under 6 years after my first fine dining experience at Tetsuya’s, I finally made it to Waku Ghin. Technically that makes it the restaurant I’ve had on my wishlist for the longest! I almost didn’t go ahead with the booking though. I knew that it was potentially expensive, but I didn’t expect it to be Noma level expensive! At 450SGD plus tax and service charges, it would be my second most expensive meal to date. But, I had to go, because it closes my Tetsuya loop.

First of all, the booking process was essentially the same as that of Tetsuya’s. I emailed them, they emailed me back, I filled in my credit card details, they secured me a table. Now it was just a matter of waiting.

Then on the 28th of March, it was finally time to trek to Marina Bay Sands and check out the amazing complex. It turns out even with instructions, I’m bad at navigating indoors. It took me a few goes to finally get to the elevator that went up to the restaurant floor. Then, I was somewhat baffled because Waku Ghin’s door wasn’t open so I didn’t see that there was a door! I walked all the way around and back before realising there was a handle and that all I had to do was push.

I was lead into a small room that seated about 5-6 people, in front of a shiny, super clean hot plate which looked a lot like we were going to experience a teppanyaki style dinner.

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Kensington Street Social – 06 Feb 2016

It seems that I’ve missed posting about Kensington Street Social somehow. So putting it in since I have a reference to this visit in my post about Cirrus. This post was written back in 2016, so the details should reflect my thoughts quite accurately.

First was Commune Social. Then, City Social. And the tidbit of gossip I got from there was that there was going to be a Jason Atherton establishment in Australia. And here it is, Kensington Street Social.

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Cirrus – 17 Mar 2017

There are two seafood restaurants that are quite noteworthy at the moment for me – Cirrus, and Saint Peter. For me, I’d read more about Cirrus, but Saint Peter seemed to be the more interesting restaurant even though I didn’t know much about the history of the chef. In my Sydney visit, I wanted to go to Saint Peter more, but the location wasn’t ideal for a dinner due to limited public transport options. In the end, I settled for a brunch visit to Saint Peter, and chose dinner at Cirrus.

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Firedoor – 16 Mar 2017

Firedoor. The story with Firedoor is that when it opened, I added it to my list. Communal tables, cooking with fire, what more could you want? But then it never really made the top of the list for some reason. A year or so later, I got linked an article which claimed Firedoor has one of the world’s best steaks and was expensive, and aged in its own kidney fat. That didn’t really get my curiosity going enough to bump it up either. It wasn’t until I was looking at the cost of booking Burnt Ends in Singapore that I realised, I don’t need to fork out three times as much for an expensive restaurant there, when I could get the “same” thing here for much less! And that’s how I finally went to Firedoor.

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