Supernormal – 12 Dec 2017

Can you believe that I also have not posted about Supernormal?? I remember really, really wanting to go here, and braved the queues for it. Then, my first experience was ordinary. But on this revisit (because my friend wanted to try it), I really liked it! I figure what I ordered must have been more to my taste, which has a huge impact when the cuisine type is Asian since I’m so picky about it.

Pickled veg. Cause Asian pickles are amazing and addictive. My favourite were the mushrooms. The radish were great. Well, so was the cabbage, but the cabbage had white pepper in it so it was too spicy for me!

The downside to recently buying my own tobiko is that it’s not so special anymore. Nonetheless, I still ordered the caviar crackers. So many tasty poppy things! A cute treat, but I felt like instead of being a special treat, this was an everyday item for me. Oops, my spoilt side is showing again….

Haha. Oh, Supernormal. Just like the gyoza, these school prawns come out as one fried clump 🙂 The great thing is, it’s not actually overly oily, so the clumpiness isn’t an issue except for random bits of prawn breaking off rather than eating them whole, one at a time. I can’t remember where it was, but just before these were served I had a momentary panic because I thought this was the place where I had been served overly oily fried school prawns. But after eating these, I breathed a sigh of relief cause these were fantastic, and the pickled vegetables underneath complimented the prawns really well.

Oh look at this fancy dish! This was the seafood and shellfish platter, and there are some gorgeous things as you can see. The little blob right at the back? That’s right, it’s blue scampi caviar. I saw a lot of blue caviar this trip. Almost to the point of normalcy… which means my exposure to fine dining and rare ingredients has once again taken another step up. I don’t think I’ll ever be normal!

The waitress mentioned that there was only one bug served on this plate, and asked if we were happy to order an additional bug. I said yes, but where’s the bug? I think the ingredients on this platter change depending on availablity, and I say that because there were three prawn sashimi inside each abalone shell. Wow those were gorgeous prawns, very sweet tasting. The reason I think these were the extra order, is because the redness was similar to what was trending on my feed – ama ebi. Scarlet prawns were in season and being sold, so these must have been it, because they were really, really good. So good that my usual favourite of scallop and scampi caviar tasted ordinary in comparison!

My and my expensive taste….

I forgot that the epic pork katsu sandwich was a limited lunch special. I remember really, really wanting this, but never getting it, and now, I finally tried it! Yessss this was sooooo good, it was so much juicier and tender than what I had in Japan! This was also a massive serving! I also can’t believe how popular it was, the table next to us must have come in maybe 20 minutes after us, and they weren’t offered this because it had already sold out! They found out the hard way, because they asked us what we had, and I said the pork sandwich, but when they asked the waitress, they got the bad news that there weren’t anymore. I felt so lucky to have had this!

So, I was definitely more impressed and satisfied with the food this time around than my first visit. I probably wouldn’t come back though, since I’m not a big fan of Asian food, but at least I feel comfortable recommending it again!