Firedoor (2) – 10 October 2019

Most of the restaurants I go to leave a big impression on me. Each restaurant generally has one or two dishes that leave a huge impression on me. And then there’s a dish that changes the way you think about something forever. Those come by only every few restaurants, and one of them is the Firedoor steak.

It was the thought of that steak that made me book Firedoor again, even though this time I would be dining alone and wouldn’t actually be able to order the steak. But I also think this place made headlines after I visited because they had a goldfish to accompany solo diners at one point? I could be wrong on that. Either way, I was eager to come back.

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Chaco Bar – 3 October 2019

Yes! Chaco Bar! I’d only been once before for ramen, but this time I really wanted to check our their yakitori for dinner. When I ate here, Chaco Bar and Chaco Ramen were still the same place and ramen was a lunch time only thing, but since then they’ve been super successful and split into two different venues!

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Quay 2.0 – 8 October 2019

Quay was the second fine dining restaurant I visited back in 2011. I really enjoyed the first experience, from the view, to the decor, to the food, especially the pork jowl dish! And everything else. To this day, some of the dishes I had then are are still prominent in my memory and a lot of other restaurants trigger the memories of that visit, notably the marron with grapefruit, the congee, and the pork jowl.

Recently they renovated, and started featuring crumpets on their menu instead of the usual bread options. There’d been a crumpet craze, and I joined in that craze when Saint Peter did uni on crumpets (which are SOOOO good!). So, I decided, now’s the time to revisit!

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Poly – 2 October 2019

Oh, I only have 4 photos for Poly? Oh dear. I should go back and take more…

I visited this place during my Sydney trip last year; it was a restaurant that seemed very interesting and had tasty food, so I had to go.

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Sydney Coffee 2019

I’m very behind on posting stuff but I hope to catch up soon! I had a trip to Sydney in September and collected pictures of coffee, and cafes in general. Trying to get even more photography in, so instead of my usual word-heavy blogs, this is going to be mostly pictures!

Edition Coffee Roasters

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2020 Western Region Barista Championships – 16 November 2019

Picture spamming this one so that I don’t overwhelm myself with words + work!

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Inua – 05 June 2019

Ah Inua. A super duper expensive place, that I really wanted to go to when I heard it opened, but after seeing how much it cost compared to actual Japanese restaurants, I didn’t want to go. But Thomas Frebel runs it, so…. Oh the agony!

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Momofuku Ko (bar) – 20 April 2019

Originally I wasn’t going to write about Momofuku Ko since I only went the bar as a last minute decision, but considering how big a name the actual Ko restaurant is, I figured, hey, I may as well post about it!

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Per Se – 17 April 2019

Per Se, the definition of traditional fine dining. Well, The French Laundry would be the ultimate goal, but any Thomas Keller restaurant is going to be of that calibre, that standard, that makes other chefs who they are.

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Eleven Madison Park – 12 April 2019

Oh you gorgeous place. I remember seeing Eleven Madison Park come in 4th in San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best. It sounded like a nice place so I wrote it on my list. Little did I know that a year later, it’d come first! All of a sudden, my “little” restaurant was the most sought after in the world. Then it closed for renovations, and when it re-opened, was no longer the “best” restaurant in the world. Phew! That meant it would be *slightly* easier for me to get a booking. As a fully prepaid restaurant, the stakes were high, but all my bookings have been successful, where an online booking is available, so it was on!

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