Sydney Coffee 2019

I’m very behind on posting stuff but I hope to catch up soon! I had a trip to Sydney in September and collected pictures of coffee, and cafes in general. Trying to get even more photography in, so instead of my usual word-heavy blogs, this is going to be mostly pictures!

Edition Coffee Roasters

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Aunty Peg’s by PMC – 2016

I have this thing where I never, ever manage to blog about Melbourne. I have no idea why, I think it’s because it usually marks the end of a long trip and then I don’t ever find the time to write about it. So my last ditch effort is to make this single post about the most amazing place for coffee – Aunty Peg’s. It’s Proud Mary’s cellar door, a black coffee haven, and I was lucky enough to go during their Gesha showcase with different varietals!

I could say all sorts of lovely things about their coffees, but pictures are worth a thousand words ūüôā

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Sydney Coffee – 2011-2012

As I’ve been going through my archives to bring this site up to date, there are some cafes in my past that I’ve visited, but am unlikely to revisit for various reasons. A selection of cafes will be listed here where a full blog entry wouldn’t be substantial.

2011 was also a time when I had just started learning about specialty coffee and developed an interest into understanding coffee. Before then, I was a milk coffee drinker. During and after, I began to prefer black coffees. Through this there were trends I went through with the coffee industry, some which will be noted here, and others in full posts. But enough reflection, here are some pictures of coffee!

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