Quay 2.0 – 8 October 2019

Quay was the second fine dining restaurant I visited back in 2011. I really enjoyed the first experience, from the view, to the decor, to the food, especially the pork jowl dish! And everything else. To this day, some of the dishes I had then are are still prominent in my memory and a lot of other restaurants trigger the memories of that visit, notably the marron with grapefruit, the congee, and the pork jowl.

Recently they renovated, and started featuring crumpets on their menu instead of the usual bread options. There’d been a crumpet craze, and I joined in that craze when Saint Peter did uni on crumpets (which are SOOOO good!). So, I decided, now’s the time to revisit!

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Saint Peter (2) – 25 January 2018

At last, my first dinner visit to Saint Peter. I really really loved the brunch that I had, so I was eager to have some of the other seafood delights only available on the night menu.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of the menu, which means much of the detail – especially the fish type and where it comes from – has been lost to time. Oh well, I still have pretty pictures and descriptions of the food!

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Cirrus – 17 Mar 2017

There are two seafood restaurants that are quite noteworthy at the moment for me – Cirrus, and Saint Peter. For me, I’d read more about Cirrus, but Saint Peter seemed to be the more interesting restaurant even though I didn’t know much about the history of the chef. In my Sydney visit, I wanted to go to Saint Peter more, but the location wasn’t ideal for a dinner due to limited public transport options. In the end, I settled for a brunch visit to Saint Peter, and chose dinner at Cirrus.

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Saint Peter – 12 March 2017

I can’t remember exactly when Saint Peter started popping up on my radar, but its signature dish, oysters with blue scampi caviar, really caught my attention. Then once I saw the fish offal, I knew I had to go. However, I didn’t really arrange a dinner since I was more interested in their brunch since it was equally unusual, and I hoped that it would also be more accessible.

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