Aunty Peg’s by PMC – 2016

I have this thing where I never, ever manage to blog about Melbourne. I have no idea why, I think it’s because it usually marks the end of a long trip and then I don’t ever find the time to write about it. So my last ditch effort is to make this single post about the most amazing place for coffee – Aunty Peg’s. It’s Proud Mary’s cellar door, a black coffee haven, and I was lucky enough to go during their Gesha showcase with different varietals!

I could say all sorts of lovely things about their coffees, but pictures are worth a thousand words 🙂

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Melbourne Coffee 2012 – 2013

Similar to my Sydney coffee retropost, this one’s for my two past trips to Melbourne. I was lucky that in my first trip, I was acquainted with some baristas well enough that I didn’t feel too embarrassed or awkward to ask for a list of places to visit. They were incredibly helpful, and I was kept busy and highly caffeinated during my visits!

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