Petition Kitchen – 9 October 2015

Petition Kitchen is a brand new restaurant that opened in Perth, and so I had to check it out. I believe the head chef used to work as a sous chef at Cumulus Inc, one of my favourite walk-in restaurants in Melbourne. During its review period (opening – 11 October), reservations were essential. From my observations of the Perth population, I wasn’t sure that reservations were necessary, at least on non-Friday and Saturday nights. Turns out you can walk-in, too, during this time.

What I love about visiting a brand new restaurant is actually seeing them seeing what works and what doesn’t – watching something come to life and then grow is fascinating. So I booked two sessions, the first was a Sunday brunch (I thought I booked for lunch but they gave me a brunch menu? They didn’t seem to be serving non-brunch until after about 1pm or so), and the second was a Friday night dinner.

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