Chaco Bar – 3 October 2019

Yes! Chaco Bar! I’d only been once before for ramen, but this time I really wanted to check our their yakitori for dinner. When I ate here, Chaco Bar and Chaco Ramen were still the same place and ramen was a lunch time only thing, but since then they’ve been super successful and split into two different venues!

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Kuro Kisume – The Table – 13 Dec 2017

There’s classy, then there’s classy. Want the ultimate exclusive experience? It doesn’t get more on-the-surface-looks-so-pretentious-and-foodie-exclusive than this. But let me tell you now, it’s the friendliest, silliest, laughter filled and delicious eating experiences you can get.  Continue reading Kuro Kisume – The Table – 13 Dec 2017

Sokyo Omakase 2 – 31 May 2016

Again, this is a repost of text that was written “shortly” after the visit.

I have this thing for Sokyo and omakases. I like both! The sushi I have at Sokyo is always so good, I feel like sushi anywhere else just isn’t as good! There are of course exceptions (like Umi Kaiten Zushi and all those nice restaurants in Crows Nest), but this is the one I keep coming back to.

I didn’t actually plan to have two omakase sessions in a year, this visit was all due to circumstance – I just happened to be in Sydney, and a winter omakase tends to be more interesting than a summer one – however, I missed out on truffle season by a few weeks. So close yet so far!

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Sokyo Omakase – 11 Feb 2016

Okay, because I need to write up about a new omakase experience, I’ve only just realised I’ve never posted my original one, so here we go. The text is pulled from what I’d written shortly after the visit.

Oh hello again Sokyo, I’ve missed you! Last time it was the a la carte, this time it was the omakase. Previously I’ve only had omakase at the Tsukiji fish markets, so I was excited to have one in Sydney!

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Salaryman – 5 February 2016

This new restaurant popped up on my feed and had a very tasty look prawn toast okonomiyaki as well as claims of really good ramen. So, I managed a short notice booking since I had nothing planned on my first night back in Sydney. I’m glad I went!

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Sokyo – 27 May 2015

Oh Sokyo, whoever thought that you would be so amazing! Having previously had a mediocre experience at Sake, I wasn’t sure what to expect here, especially since I’ve had sushi from Japan which is pretty impossible to match. That being said, Sydney is probably one of the best places to have Japanese, given the large Japanese population here.

I totally didn’t realise I could ask for the omakase when I made the booking, and it turns out a week’s notice is required so that the chefs can age the fish, and the booking process is via email rather than over the phone. If I can’t get into Raita Noda, I may as well put this on my revisit list!
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