Chaco Bar – 3 October 2019

Yes! Chaco Bar! I’d only been once before for ramen, but this time I really wanted to check our their yakitori for dinner. When I ate here, Chaco Bar and Chaco Ramen were still the same place and ramen was a lunch time only thing, but since then they’ve been super successful and split into two different venues!

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Kuro Kisume – The Table – 13 Dec 2017

There’s classy, then there’s classy. Want the ultimate exclusive experience? It doesn’t get more on-the-surface-looks-so-pretentious-and-foodie-exclusive than this. But let me tell you now, it’s the friendliest, silliest, laughter filled and delicious eating experiences you can get.  Continue reading Kuro Kisume – The Table – 13 Dec 2017

Jugemu&Shimbashi – 2011-2012

Jugemu&Shimbashi is a twin themed restaurant in Neutral Bay: Jugemu is a sleek fitout for teppanyaki, with the grill in the far left corner. Shimbashi is a more traditional side, with a soba preparation area at the front right. Reviews will tell you that this place is overpriced, and I can certainly confirm this. However, you do get some amazing soba! This post covers three visits over 2011 – 2012, with the focus mainly on the different dishes available; only two of the dishes below were ordered twice at two different times.

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