Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – 04 September 2014

Lo and behold, San Pellegrino Top 50’s Number 5 in 2014 – Dinner. This is the highest ranked San Pel restaurant I’ve visited so far, and it’s great to finally sample Heston’s/Ashley’s cooking. All I knew about this place was that it was vastly different from The Fat Duck, and was a modernised version of food consumed in the 1300s – medieval brought back to life! They had beautiful menus set up, with bits of trivia to read while perusing the menus. We were also lucky enough to be seated right in front of the kitchen, so we had a great view of flames and ovens and a total head count of about 15 chefs in that small space. It’s a fairly large restaurant from what I could see, and it blended into a bar in the Mandarin Oriental.

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