Orana – 12 December 2013

Orana is a relatively new restaurant with a bar serving street food underneath. The focus here is on Australian cuisine – using both the history as well as native ingredients. It’s alarming that the reactions I was getting from non-foodie people was along the lines of “oh are they going to feed you witchetty grubs?” when I was looking forward to ingredients such as lilly pillies, bush tomato, quandong and saltbush. The prices were also pretty extreme, but it doesn’t disappoint – I’ve hyped up this restaurant amongst my friends, mostly because I have an incredibly well connected barista. On top of that, I managed to stalk Heston Blumenthal as I’d been given a heads up that he was visiting, as well as having read an article by Terry Durack from his visit. All the big names! How could I not go? So I went!

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Celcius – 09 February 2013

I have actually had two visits to Celcius, however only my original visit will be posted. My second visit was after having dined at some seriously good restaurants, at which point the revisit did not match my expectations at all. It’s also sad to say that it has recently closed down, so is no longer accessible.

In 2013, Celcius was one of only a tiny handful of fine dining restaurants in Adelaide, and I’d come across by walking past the restaurant. One of their vegetable dishes caught my eye, so I figured I’d have to check it out. This was also my first solo fine dining degustation experience, and as a result, was rather daunting. I sat awkwardly by myself at a table, and I learned the hard way that dining alone also cuts appetite, having struggled to get through all the food towards the end – my stomach was now well calibrated to metabolising properly through three hour meals.

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