DeLish Expo/Latte Art Smackdown – 22 Jan 2017

I heard about DeLish expo late last year, and after discovering the early bird entry fee was only $10 to attend, I could afford to go, mainly for the latte art competition, but exploring the other stalls. I lost my sweet tooth ages ago, but desserts tend to be really pretty! However since I’m more of a coffee enthusiast at the moment (it’s “cheaper” than being a foodie at the moment), this will be primarily focused on the coffee.

Good to see a lot of coffee stalls here! Cold Matter/Black Matter was the first to catch my eye, especially with their free espresso/piccolo samples! Plus I got to try their nitro cold brew! Using an Ethiopian bean, it was quite nice and the gas gave it a creamy texture. But I’m not a convert, and probably never will be. The barista mentioned how he was still getting used to the machine for the expo, but I reckon the milk came out pretty good.

Some tea and coffee! Plus I loved these Precision Coffee Roaster takeaway cups, they looked really nice, especially with those lights in the background.

Speaking of lights, when you’re in Crown Perth’s grand ballroom, you kind of have to look up, because the prettiness is everywhere.

And of course, Darkstar has the goods. While I still don’t like the look of grinders, I do think that the Mythos is starting to grow on me. So now the latte art begins!

But first – baristas gotta have fun, yeah? 🙂

Some really nice designs! I was getting really sick of swans since they’re about all I see. Sure, there were other designs, but sometimes I really missed the multi layer rosettas from Single O’s circa 2006 staff. But these designs were all pretty cool! My personal favourite is Andy’s flower, directly above. I’m probably biased, but I don’t care 🙂

I really like taking pictures of barista hands, but it’s incredibly difficult to do because of how fast they move. Even my camera’s continuous focus wasn’t quite spot on all the time, but I did manage to get some decent shots! It makes a great change from static latte art close ups, which are everywhere.

This was an interesting blob…

Which became a double-etch, double dragon round! Otherwise known as “etch a dragon”!

And this was the only split judgement for this competition.

Look at that concentration… and all the cameras!

Runner up!

And the winner 🙂

I believe this is the first year for this expo, and it looked like there was a great turnout! It was pretty busy, and there were so many pretty cakes to try! Hopefully this becomes a yearly event, it’s a fun thing to see and do (and eat)!