Salaryman – 5 February 2016

This new restaurant popped up on my feed and had a very tasty look prawn toast okonomiyaki as well as claims of really good ramen. So, I managed a short notice booking since I had nothing planned on my first night back in Sydney. I’m glad I went!

It has a totally cool looking wall! Not only do they serve ramen, they also have a few robata menu items, of which the octopus and the bone marrow were the most tempting! But limited stomach real estate meant that it was going to be a ramen kind of night.

But first, coffee. I got these next shots since I was conveniently placed at the counter (my favourite spot!). This reminded me of what I had witnessed at Petition Kitchen when all the chefs were served up coffees at the start of service.

Onto food…

Sydney rock oysters – I generally don’t like Sydney rock oysters as I find that pacific/smokey bay/coffin bay are my favourites, however I was pleasantly surprised by these ones! They were plump and sweet!

Prawn toast okonomiyaki. Yes! This looked and tasted fantastic. There was just the right amount of sauce, since most times I find it too salty and overpowering, but this went well with the prawn toast. For me, this lived up to the hype.

Pork and pippie ramen. Surprisingly, I wanted this one saltier. It had great depth of flavour but didn’t have the usual addictiveness of cheap ramen. The woodfired pippies were delicious! I also liked the noodles on the initial few bites, however I think they kept cooking a tad too much in the broth. It’s still a reasonable price but I might need to go back to Ippudo….

Since I only get one visit to Salaryman (there are way too many other places to go to so I’m unlikely to revisit this), I had to taste the dessert too. Black sesame, passionfruit, meringue. The black sesame came in two textures – ice cream and mousse. I also loved the passionfruit being an incredibly light mousse, tangy and delicious!

Was a pretty fun experience! Nothing super extraordinary or mind blowing, except maybe it would have been good to try the $42 lobster ramen… that would have been great but I specifically wanted to try out the pork and pippie. That would have been rather interesting to see if the price tag was worth it! Either way this place definitely requires at least two visits, one for the ramen and one for the robata!