The Grounds of Alexandria: The Potting Shed – 25 May 2015

The Grounds of Alexandria is a massive complex, filled with themed areas – a restaurant, a cafe, a petting zoo, and a large open dining area. You could spend hours here with all the activities, shops and food they have, however I focused mainly on The Potting Shed (though in hindsight I should have gone to the cafe – that’s on the list for next time!) because a large, colourful macaw was all I needed to convince me to take a look.

But first, a chicken. Isn’t it awesome looking?

Charcoal bun pork belly sliders. They were very soft and had a great flavour, better than the ones I had in Adelaide from Madame Hanoi.

The strawberry pot plant was also adorable – look at those mushroom meringues! There was a great flavour to the strawberry sorbet too. The only thing I didn’t like was how dense the cake was though. It was mainly pistachio based, but also seemed like it was possibly gluten free or vegan in texture, for it wasn’t fluffy or even mudcake-gooey, but rather, missing an ingredient. The meringues were my favourite part of the dish.

And here is Fluffy the macaw! She’s quite a large bird, and I learned that she’s only about a year old. Incredibly well behaved though! She also knows how to dance – well, she bobbed her head up and down at one point when I was taking pictures. Definitely one of the star attractions of this place! I probably will have to come back for their coffee.