Bistro Guillaume Perth – 10 May 2014

I had an opportunity to go to Perth for a couple of days, and while Rockpool Bar and Grill Perth and Greenhouse were my primary goals, a spare lunchtime meant that I had my choice of dining at the Crown complex. Between Nobu and Bistro Guillaume, the bistro won, since I hadn’t visited Guillaume when it was open. Plus there was a beef tartare on the menu, so I had to go try it out. I had the constraint of requiring a light lunch, since I had a burger to sample that night.

I believe I was still a pinot noir kind of person then, and I ordered six oysters for myself.

Beef tartare! I didn’t expect for it to be presented like this at all! I’m used to my tartares being unmixed so that I can essentially “play” with my food, and also because I think it’s more visually appealing if the elements are spread out. I did like the lattice cut potato chips though, and the beef tartare had a rather prominent tomato flavour, so I couldn’t help but be reminded of tomato sauce as I ate it. I personally like the beef tartare served at Felix in Sydney, as not only was it presented with condiments separately, but also had a choice of three different mustards.

My goodness this was a great charcuterie board. The terrine was incredibly tasty! The cornichons were a tad too vinegary so that I couldn‚Äôt breathe while eating them cause I started coughing when I accidentally did so.

Sadly, not my favourite french eatery. Felix wins, and Vue de Monde still wins for best souffle- the disappearing raspberry ice cream act in this one was still no match! I was glad I visited though, so that I have at least been to a Guillaume establishment.